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From container projects and construction doors to construction machinery - the management of keys on construction sites is time-consuming. Often, searching for keys and handover are accompanied by high coordination efforts and work delays.

akii offers the right solution for construction site access management. With the akii app, access authorizations can be assigned in real time and doors can be unlocked with ease. akii is installed in just a few minutes and it can seamlessly integrate with any construction site.

akii is the first mobile and digital access solution designed specifically for construction site requirements. It is currently available for mobile spaces and construction doors.

This means:

  • use of high-quality, construction site-proof locks

  • simple and easy installation by the user

  • offline functionality

  • fast and easy transfer of electronic keys

  • intuitive, simple user interface of the app and multi-language support

We developed akii to be an overarching access solution for the construction site. Additional use cases are under development, such as the prototype for machine access. These expand and secure the unique selling proposition and also increase the potential for cross-selling activities.

We currently have four active customers and 280 users. Already in the first year of use, our locks were activated more than 10,000 times on construction sites with the akii app. Since the start of product development at the end of 2019, we have completed 12 projects as test phases or customer projects. We are aiming for a growth funding round in the near future, and our pipeline for additional projects is well established.

More facts & figures around akii:

  • Since April 2020, MBN, a medium-sized construction company, has been using 25 akii locks each on two construction sites. At MBN, akii deeply integrates into the on-site processes and supports the construction management in the execution of the lean construction management approach, by separating the lean construction spaces.

  • Since June 2020, a leading German construction company has been using akii to manage entrances to a construction site container facility. The project runs for three years.

  • A medium-sized construction company in northern Germany has been using 30 akii locks to manage construction doors on a lean construction site since April 2021.