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Procurement software


Cosuno simplifies and optimizes the bidding and tendering process of medium- and large-scale construction companies, general contractors, property developers, architects, and planners when procuring construction services from subcontractors and craftsmen. 

Cosuno’s SaaS-enabled marketplace solves the constraints of the traditional procurement model for construction projects: time and cost. The construction industry is largely manual and paper-driven, relying on processes, especially in procurement, that has been unchanged for decades. With Cosuno technology, procurement is digitized to enable general contractors, property developers, and architects to collaborate more efficiently and to find and hire the best subcontractors for their projects.

The two main benefits of Cosuno are: 1. the amount of work required for tendering and follow-up is drastically reduced and therefore the corresponding labor costs 2. the ease of use of the software by subcontractors and the large subcontractor database means that construction companies receive more bids and drastically increase profit margins. Cosuno is the first software to combine the latest cloud software technology and absolute industry best practice in one product. The idea for our start-up was developed in 2019 as part of a collaboration with PERI GmbH. Since then, the innovation has been further developed with a 50-member team, raised €12.5 million in the Series A round and its impact on the construction industry is growing. With this functionality and user-friendliness, Cosuno represents the first tendering and awarding solution in Europe whose design and user-friendliness involve both sides of the tender equally.