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SAG Smart Line

Schulte-Schlagbaum AG

SAG Smart Line is the first mortise lock program equipped with EnOcean wireless technology, enabling especially efficient and sustainable integration of doors into building automation systems.

Digitalisation using distributed sensors and a cloud-based infrastructure enables users to automate space management. For example, based on usage data, sensors are used to optimise room utilisation and thus cost-intensive resources such as heating, air conditioning or light, as well as staff and inventory. Sensors that send out an early warning in case of break-in, fire or water damage can prevent insured losses into the millions.

Energy harvesting for battery-free wireless transmission

SAG Smart Line wireless locks apply mechanical energy (lever actuation or bolt movement) to generate the energy required for wireless transmission via a generator. In wireless technologies, energy harvesting does away with restrictions due to power supply cables or batteries.

Flexible control

For increased building security, SAG Smart Line mortise locks can prevent door motions (actuations of the latch or bolt).Simple, inexpensive retrofitBy replacing existing mortise locks in the building with SAG Smart Line door locks, building doors can be quickly retrofitted at low cost during ongoing operation and integrated into the building automation system.

Wireless solutions

Considering that 90% of buildings are owned properties, wireless solutions are ideal retrofits, as they offer an excellent benefit-cost ratio. The system technology is based on wireless sensors that provide the required data for numerous points in the building. Already in use in over 500,000 buildings worldwide, the EnOcean wireless standard is primarily established as a communications protocol in this area.

Easy networking

IoT gateways connect the sensors and actu-ators via the Internet, including bus systems such as KNX or cloud-based platforms like IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Azure, Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Crestonie.