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Resource planning: Digital magnetic board


Vanillaplan- is passionate about developing digital magnetic boards for efficient resource planning.

Our vision is the complete renewal of resource planning in the construction and real estate industry, so that the control processes for projects and companies are strengthened, the future potential of our customers increases and their hecticness decreases. With our corporate strategy, we pursue the goal of becoming the niche leader: Game Changer of Resource Planning.

Our business idea is simple: the digitalisation of magnetic boards, which are used as resource planning tools in the construction and real estate industry, as Software as a Service (SaaS). 

We keep the simple operation, but exploit the digital possibilities to the full. The result is a tool that optimally supports the management of resources, projects and companies.

Vanillaplan's capacity plan enables our clients to increase their turnover. With the various deployment plans, resource allocation becomes visible to everyone and prevents expensive site changes. The digital communication with the employees is done via the mobile app with push notification. Valuable time can be saved with digital communication. 

The resource allocation planning process is also completely digitalised. Our clients no longer use paper. Once a week, they meet online or in front of a large screen to discuss the project and update the last-minute changes once a day.

To ensure that our Vanillaplan software does not remain an isolated solution, we have developed a cloud-based Swiss integration platform.

Our integration platform helps companies to link different software systems and services (cloud or on-prem) with each other without violating the DSGVO or the Swiss Data Protection Act, and allows fully automated event- or time-controlled data exchange.