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Visoplan - CDE for all construction projects

Visoplan GmbH

Visoplan is a CDE (Common Data Environment) and improves the collaboration between all project participants in construction projects that are implemented with the help of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

In the Model Management, the individual sub-models are listed according to the trades and can be combined into a central BIM model with just a few clicks. The model can be viewed in the IFC Viewer and numerous tools can be used, for example to carry out measurements, examine building components or create new issue tickets. The Model History enables a comparison between two model versions and lists the differences within seconds. At the same time, the automatic model versioning ensures a high level of revision security so that no older versions are lost.

Another topic that we are addressing with Visoplan is the cost of errors in the construction project. Did you know that these account for an average of around 14% of the total costs in the construction project and thus cause around 19 billion euros in additional costs every year in Germany alone? In order to reduce error costs, Visoplan offers a comprehensive Issue Management Tool with which all issues can be managed centrally. The issues can be created in Visoplan in next to no time or imported from external applications such as Solibri via plugins. All issues can then be validated and finalized in Visoplan.

Last but not least, the Document Management System (DMS) should of course not be missing. In Visoplan you can upload all file formats so that all data can be exchanged centrally in one software. In addition, extensive filters are available so that you can quickly find the file you are looking for, even with large mountains of data. In addition, you can link the documents with building components and issues and use the approval processes to define who has access to your documents.