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Revizto - Integrated Collaboration Platform


About Revizto

Revizto is the industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) used by Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners to maximize workflows throughout the project lifecycle. Revizto empowers teams to drive accountability, mitigate risks, improve timelines and maximize cost-savings by enabling real-time collaboration across platforms, model types and teams, from in-office, on-site, and any device.

Over 2,500 firms across 150 countries, including 20 of the top 25 ENR firms leverage Revizto to make better decisions, minimize rework, and drive accountability across their teams.

How does it work

Revizto is a real-time collaboration and coordination tool with gaming technology at the core. Revizto allows project teams of any technical knowledge to dive into a project and start collaborating immediately. 2D and 3D information from multiple data sources are accessible simultaneously and across multiple devices in the project. Here we can ask, comment, track and report on a broad range of project tasks and issues. 

Innovation of the technology

Revizto looked at the in-efficiencies and challenges faced throughout construction and took a bold step to make a change. Bringing gaming technology to construction via our unity based application meant we now immediately unlocked the door of engagement for the whole project team. PLUS by the introduction of one communication stream for project teams meant we step away from the time consuming and confusing traditional route of email, snip it, PDF, Excel, BCF approach! Revizto is enabling organisations to actually implement BIM Coordination and collaboration with a TRUE single source of truth. Gamification of BIM is probably how we would sum up this piece.

We really feel that we are making a dramatic shift in digital construction and enabling projects to really embrace the power and benefits of BIM.