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WeLean GmbH

The complexity of construction projects has been increasing steadily in recent years. The reasons for this can be, for example, many different project participants or the increasing cost and time pressure and the high degree of individualization of each construction project. In addition, diversity and requirements for safety and sustainability have increased. The result of these hurdles is that it is becoming increasingly complicated to manage construction projects and achieve goals in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.


Based on these challenges, Lean Construction has evolved based on Lean Management methods. Lean Construction Management means optimizing and organizing all phases of a construction project so that your processes become "lean" (lean and effective).


With Yolean you have the opportunity to experience Lean Construction digitally. 

Whether you use the Takt Planning or the Last Planner® system, with our Lean software you can use both systems in one software to create the maximum added value in your project. With Yolean, you bring more transparency to the construction process in real time, allowing you to apply your digital Lean system in the best possible way. 


No more confusing planning boards and plug-in card systems! 


Plan your projects and processes without media breaks in a clearly arranged software. Visualize even complex large projects without losing the overview. With Yolean you filter conveniently according to your needs. We focus on ease of use and thus allow every user easy access to process planning. Experience unprecedented flexibility from project development to commissioning. All parties involved have location-independent and easy access to Yolean, from planning to execution to commissioning. Yolean adapts to your requirements while enabling the use of the Last Planner system and Takt Planning & Takt Control.